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This issue of RIMHE International presents a selection of articles published in the previous year, constituting an annual issue entirely in English.

RIMHE, Management & Human Enterprise, is a scientific journal which publishes, in both digital and printed form, research articles on all aspects of organisation management, with a central focus on human beings.

Priority is given to studies by multidisciplinary teams on issues specific to the management sciences.

In addition to contributions selected by double-blind evaluation, after several readings by at least two members of our scientific committee, three other features may appear in each issue. Researchers from other fields or recognised experts may be invited to contribute as “guest authors.” A “reading note” on a new book of reference or “feedback from the ground” by professionals may also enrich each issue.

Four issues are published each year, dated by season – winter, spring, summer, autumn – followed up by this fifth annual issue.

Selection 2017

RIMHE International/2017/vol.5


Research article : The perception of the performance of the Medico-Social Institutes Directors - Gulliver LUX - translation of: Les représentations de la performance des directeurs d'Etablissements et Services Médico-Sociaux, RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°21, printemps 2016, p.46-68.

Research article : Study of the cooperation within a craft cooperative - Nathalie LAPAYRE, Françoise PIERSON, Karine RYMEYKO - translation of: Etude de la coopération au sein d'une coopérative artisanale, RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°22, été 2016, p.3-28.

Research article : The establishment and the violation of the psychological contract: what cognitive processes? - Jérôme GARDODY - translation of: La formation et la violation du contrat psychologique : quels processus cognitifs ? RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°23, automne 2016, p.3-26.



Selection 2016

RIMHE International/2016/vol.4


Translators or correctors: Harry FORSTER, Stéphanie GNATEK, Mark MELLOR, Richard NICE


Research Article: Webactivism and the dynamics of consumerist resistance: analytical framework and experimental study - Julien BOUILLE and Philippe ROBERT-DEMONTROND - translation of: Webactivisme et dynamiques de la résistance consumériste, Cadre analytique et étude expérimentale, RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°16, mars/avril 2015, p.37-59.

Research Article: Pay policy and organizational design of French cooperatives: questioning incentive theory - Jean-Yves JUBAN, Olivier BOISSIN, Hervé CHARMETTANT and Yvan RENOU - translation of: La théorie des incitations en question : politiques de rémunération et design organisationnel des SCOP, RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°17, mai/juin/juillet 2015, p.64-83. 

Research Article: How to measure ethical consumption behaviors?  -  Jean-François TOTI and Jean-Louis MOULINS - translation of: Comment mesurer les comportements de consommation éthique ?, RIMHE, Revue Interdisciplinaire Management, Homme & Entreprise, n°18, août/septembre/octobre 2015, p.21-42.


Reading Note: Mintzberg H., 2015, Radical Renewal beyond Left, Right and Center, Oakland, CA (USA), Berret-Koehler Publishers -  Roland PEREZ and Elisabeth WALLISER


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Selection 2015

RIMHE International/2015/vol.3


Translators : Nathalie CHALVESCHE, Mark HOLDSWORTH, Susan LECLERCQ, Richard NICE


Editorial: Human enterprise and management: when diversity of approaches is the way for innovation in research - Martine BRASSEUR and Yvon PESQUEUX


Research Article: The perception of ecotourism: Semantic profusion and tourists' expectations - Sikhem DEKHILI and Mohamed Akli ACHABOU - translation of: La perception de l'Ecotourisme : Complexité sémantique et attentes des consommateurs  - RIMHE, n°10, janvier/février 2014, p.37-57 

Research Article: Crowdsourcing: Blurring the boundaries of the organization and work - Sophie RENAULT - translation of: Crowdsourcing : La nébuleuse des frontières de l'organisation au travail - RIMHE, n°11, mars/avril 2014, p.23-40

Research Article: Large French companies facing religious issues: Proposition of a grid to decrypt their postures  - Géraldine GALINDO and Hédia ZANNAD - translation of: Les grandes entreprises françaises et la religion : Proposition d'une grille d'analyse pour décrypter les postures adoptées - RIMHE, n°13, août/septembre/octobre 2014, p.40-53

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Selection 2014

RIMHE international/2014/Vol.2 - n°14


Translators or correctors :

Nathalie CHALVESCHE, Randall CHERRY, Richard NICE


Editorial: Toward an interdisciplinary and international approach - Martine BRASSEUR and Delphine LACAZE


Research article: Studying sensitive issues: the contributions of a mixed approach - Bérangère CONDOMINES and Emilie HENNEQUIN - translation of: Etudier des sujets sensibles : les apports d'une approche mixte  - RIMHE, n°5, janvier/février 2013, p.12-37.

Research article: Occupational stress in the public sector: the case of managers - Sylvie CODO - translation of: Le stress professionnel dans le secteur public  - RIMHE, n°6, mars/avril 2013, p.63-79.

Research article: Validation of work experience: an empirical study - Dominique BARUEL BENCHERQUI and Mohamed Karim KEFI - translation of: Le processus de validation des acquis de l'expérience. Une analyse empirique par la théorie du comportement planifié - RIMHE, n°7, mai/juin/juillet 2013, p.111-126.


Guest article: A positive motivational perspective on organizational socialization - Delphine LACAZE and Talya BAUER


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Selection 2013

RIMHE international/2013/vol.1 - n°9


Translators or correctors :

Jill BENNOSON, Nathalie CHALVESCHE, Sandrine MENDEZ, Richard NICE, Miriam ROSEN


• Editorial - Martine BRASSEUR, Hajer KEFI, Ewan OIRY


• Business ethics and moral skepticism - Alain ANQUETIL - L’éthique des affaires et le scepticisme moral - RIMHE, n°1, 2012, p.71-82


• Ethical work climate: to promote trust in organizations - Afef CHOUAIB, Férid ZADDEM - Le climat éthique au travail : pour promouvoir des relations interpersonnelles de confiance - RIMHE, n°1, 2012, p. 53-70


• Reconciling economic and social objectives in centres for disabled workers - Christophe BARETLes établissements et services d'aide par le travail (ESAT) parviennent-ils à concilier objectifs économiques et missions médico-sociales ? Une proposition de matrice stratégique - RIMHE, n°2, 2012, p. 66-82


• Social entrepreneurship: from value-based skepticism to conditional practice  - Patrick VALEAU, Jérôme BONCLER Les acteurs du monde associatif face aux différentes propositions de l’entrepreneuriat social : du scepticisme à une adoption conditionnelle -  RIMHE, n°3, 2012, p. 17-35


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